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Samantha Bryn Photography provides aspiring photographers the opportunity to expand their skillset and level-up their art form with personalized mentorship. Our mentorship program includes fine-art portrait mentoring, posing techniques, hands-on guidance and real-live models to work with. We provide the tools to help you build your portfolio and become the best photographer you can be. Once completed the program, you'll be ready to take your photography to the next level.

Programs with the founder...

Samantha has a unique approach and style when it comes to posing clients. With an extensive background in both dance and pole fitness, she has the unique ability to create poses that uses movement and sensuality to accentuate the body and create the best results for her clients.

It is proven, that comfortable clients, who are in touch with their bodies ,yield positive results on camera. Samantha teaches you how to style and create a comfortable atmosphere and how to prompt each client into poses that are most flattering, no matter the body. 

Coffeehouse Coaching

This coaching session is perfect for beginning photographers and aspiring content creators. In this one on one coaching, we will cover finding your personal brand, define your editing style, learn camera and phone settings to get the best photos for your brand and Adobe Lightroom basics. Plus, we will edit through 5-10 of your own RAW images and leave with your own custom Lightroom Preset.covers everything you need to know about posing, editing, and styling for fine-art portraits. 

  • One on One Private Coaching

  • Personal Brand Defining

  • Editing Techniques

  • Take Home Camera Guide

  • Editing Flow 

  • Goal Setting

  • Custom Lightroom Preset


Fine Art Posing

This program covers everything you need to know about posing, editing, and styling for fine-art portraits. We will start with a 1:1 zoom call  so you can tell me what you hope to learn. From there, you will be able to get hands-on training with a live model session and editing session. You will have an opportunity to ask me questions throughout the session. I'm here to help YOU and I want to see you succeed!

  • Hands-On Model Session to Build Your Portfolio

  • Set Styling Tactics

  • Posing Techniques

  • Take Home Posing Guide

  • Shooting Tactics

  • Editing Process

  • Goal Setting


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