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Think dreamy, bubblegum, glam, for our limited time only, Candyland Teenage Dream set.

I am on the searching for 4-5 women with different body types who want to boost their confidence and get creative! No experience is required to participate in this model call, we will guide you through the entire process.

What does this model call include? 

  1. Boudoir Photography and Videography Session in our BRAND NEW studio space

  2. Access to our Candyland Teenage Dream Set (Only available in the month of May)

We will be accepting applications until April 26th.

May Themed Model Call 2024
Do you have any legal obligation, job position or otherwise that would prevent you from having your images shared publicly?
Do you understand that you must pay a deposit of $199 at the time of selection to secure a project date? Deposit will go towards your Collection purchase of images and/or products.
Do you understand that in exchange for a discounted session, you will be required to sign some form of model release contract giving us permission to post images obtained during your Boudoir Experience? This may include unedited, behind the scenes photos or videos.
Do you understand that this is NOT a free session, but instead a very discounted session/experience? ($950 in savings)


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