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Floral Goddess Mini Sessions

All I can say is WOW. I am shook with how gorgeous these mini session photos turned out. This shoot has been a year in the making. I wanted a good shoot to break in all of my ambassadors and I already had all the plans for a hanging floral photoshoot, so I decided to start off the mini sessions with it!

I wasn't even thinking when I was shopping for these flowers. I just went in with my color pallet and wanted the flowers to speak to me... figuratively. It was only when I was setting up the floral set in the studio when I realized they were peonies. Peonies hold a special significance to me because spiritually, they signify beauty, healing, bravery, and eternal love.

My life has changed A LOT since originally planning this shoot, a year ago. I went through many transitions and changes and it has been a roller coaster trying to show up and show love towards myself in the process. So that is what these sessions meant me- bravery.

It's a brave thing to show up for yourself. It's even braver to show unconditional love to yourself. These ladies showed up and showed themselves all the love with these floral sessions!

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